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Viale Padre Pio n. 24
71013 San Giovanni Rotondo (FG), Italy
Tel & Fax (+39) 0882 412996

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- 1887 (25 May) born at Pietrelcina (Benevento).

- 1903 (6 January) goes to Morcone (Benevento) to begin his novitiate among the Capuchins; (22 January) dressed in his probationer’s clothes he becomes Fra Pio da Pietrelcina.

- 1904 (22 January) makes his simple vows; (25 January) transfers to Sant’ Elia at Pianisi (Campobasso) to begin the "rhetoric".

- 1907 (27 January) makes his solemn vows; (end of October) moves to Serracapriola (Foggia) to begin studying sacred theology.

- 1908 (end of November) goes to Montefusco (Avellino) to continue studying theology; (19 December) receives Minor Orders at Benevento; (21 December) becomes a subdeacon in the same town.

- 1909 spends the first few months of the year in Pietrelcina, ill; (18 July) receives the order of the diaconate in the church of the Morcone monastery.

- 1910 (10 August) ordained as a priest in the Chapel of the Canons in Benevento Cathedral; (14 August) first Solemn Mass in Pietrelcina; this same year has first apparitions of the stigmata.

- 1911 (end of October) is sent to Venafro, but his illness confines him almost continuously to bed. Extraordinary events occur: (7 December) returns to Pietrelcina.

- 1915 (25 February) for health reasons, obtains permission to remain outside the Friary, although he still wears the Capuchin habit; (6 November) called up for military service; (6 December) assigned to the 10th Medical Corps in Naples.

- 1916 (17 February) to Foggia, to the monastery of Sant’Anna; (4 September) to San Giovanni Rotondo; (18 December) rejoins his military corps in Naples. Periods of leave and recall until 16 March 1918, when he is discharged because of double bronchio-alveolitis.

- 1918 (5-7 August) transverberation; (20 September) receives the stigmata.

- 1919 (15-16 May) Luigi Romanelli is the first doctor to visit Padre Pio after he receives the stigmata; (26 July) Amico Bignami’s medical report; (9 October) medical visit by Giorgio Festa.

- 1922 (2 June) the first steps are taken by the Curia in Rome.

- 1923 (31 May) after an investigation, the Curia announces that it is not convinced “ that the facts attributed to Padre Pio are supernatural”; (17 June) further orders: Padre Pio must only worship in the chapel inside the friary, without any public present, and he must not answer, either on his own or through others, any letters addressed to him; (26 June) as a result of popular unrest, Padre Pio celebrates in church again; (8 August) Padre Pio hears about the order (dated 30 July) to transfer him to Ancona; (17 August) his removal is deferred due to public agitation.

- 1929 (3 January) Padre Pio’s mother dies at San Giovanni Rotondo.

- 1931 (23 May) Padre Pio is forbidden from exercising any part of his ministry, except Holy Mass, which he is permitted to celebrate only in private, in the chapel inside the friary.

- 1933 (16 July) Padre Pio celebrates Holy Mass in church again.

- 1934 (25 March) Padre Pio begins to hear the confessions of men again; (12 May) and those of women.

- 1946 (7 October) Padre Pio’s father dies at San Giovanni Rotondo.

- 1947 (19 May) clearing work begins for building the Casa Sollievo di Sofferenza hospital.

- 1955 (31 January) ritual blow with a pick-axe initiates construction of the new church for the friary.

- 1956 (5 May) inauguration of the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza hospital.

- 1959 (1 July) consecration of the new church.

- 1965 (17 February) Padre Pio allowed to continue saying Mass in Latin.

- 1966 (21 November) he is permitted to celebrate in public, while seated.

- 1968 (29 March) Padre Pio starts using a wheelchair, because he cannot feel his legs; (22 September) at 5am says his last Mass; at 6pm gives his last benediction to the crowd in the church; (23 September) at 2.30am Padre Pio, having received the Last Rites, dies serenely with the chaplet of the Holy Rosary in his hand, and with “Jesus... Mary!” on his lips.

- 1999 (2 May) Padre Pio is beatified.

- 2001 (June) Padre Pio becomes recognised as a saint by the Church too.

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Satellite television and radio

The radio station already existed when, on 20 December 2003, the first St Pio television channel was officially born, with fourteen hours of programmes dedicated to the saint from Pietrelcina, as well as programmes about social phenomena and ethical questions of national and international interest. There are also celebrations of the Eucharist and liturgies from inside the conventual church of the Capuchin friars of San Giovanni Rotondo, and programmes specifically designed to illustrate the message and spirituality of Padre Pio. This is Teleradiopadrepio’s concrete, daily task as a satellite television broadcaster, and is the latest development on the editorial agenda of the Capuchin Friars of the Sant’Angelo e Padre Pio Religious Province. The programmes can also be watched on the internet at The TV transmits an unencoded signal (it can be received by any type of satellite receiver, while Sky subscribers will find it on channel 856). In order to set up this new television network, the friars of San Giovanni Rotondo put their trust in Digitaltech, a company able to offer professionalism and experience in this field. The current schedule offers 14 hours of programming daily: from 7.30 in the morning to 9 o'clock at night. Broadcasting begins with Holy Mass live from the crypt or the large church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in San Giovanni Rotondo, where San Pio of Petralcina’s tomb is situated. The Holy Rosary marks the end of transmission, broadcast from the crypt of the same church.

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A few hundred metres from the Approdo are two very important hospital buildings: the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza hospital, built on the wishes of St Pio of Pietrelcina, and the Poliambulatorio (outpatients’ clinic). Thousands of sick people come here, needing diagnosis and treatment of all types. The Approdo is immediately adjacent to the Angeli di Padre Pio, a recovery and rehabilitation centre for blind and partially sighted children, so the parents of patients can be accommodated, even for for long periods. Anyone coming to San Giovanni Rotondo to use the excellent medical services at either centre are welcome here.



+39 0882 412996

Viale Padre Pio n. 24
71013 San Giovanni Rotondo
Foggia - Puglia - ITALY